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Can the Marvel franchise survive without Iron Man?

By James Luxford

The founding Avenger could be about to hang up his suit. Who’s ready to become the MCU’s new MVP?

Get Out features a different kind of horror protagonist

By James Luxford

The plight of Daniel Kaluuya’s lead character has its roots in a very real everyday struggle.

In praise of Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network

By James Luxford

The actor’s sly take on Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg casts a spotlight on the dark side of success.

The Sound and the Fury – 25 years of Tarantino

By James Luxford

It’s a quarter of a century since Reservoir Dogs changed cinema forever. But how has its maker evolved over the years?

In defence of James Franco

By James Luxford

Is the much maligned actor actually the most underrated performer of his generation?

How The Nightmare Before Christmas became a festive favourite

By James Luxford

Henry Selick’s directorial debut is a gleefully macabre cinematic marvel.

The Accountant is another example of Hollywood’s autism problem

By James Luxford

Ben Affleck’s latest thriller shows that mainstream cinema still hasn’t moved on from the days of Rain Man.

Why Doctor Strange is a vital step for gender representation in Hollywood

By James Luxford

Tilda Swinton’s Ancient One looks to be Marvel’s most progressive character yet.

Has Daniel Radcliffe finally cast off the shackles of child stardom?

By James Luxford

Imperium and Swiss Army Man mark a turning point in the actor’s career.

Why are films that take us off the grid on the rise?

By James Luxford

Captain Fantastic is the latest in a long line of dramas to explore the allure of being disconnected from the modern world.

Why sharks remain cinema’s most terrifying antagonists

By James Luxford

From Jaws to The Shallows, what is it about these prehistoric ocean predators that induces such raw fear?

Good to be bad – why supervillains are here to stay

By James Luxford

The hype around Suicide Squad suggests audiences are keen to see more of their favourite comic-book antiheroes.

Who are Steven Spielberg’s greatest artistic muses?

By James Luxford

Mark Rylance is the latest in a list of key collaborators who bring out the best in The Beard.

The fall and rise of the movie tie-in single

By James Luxford

Cinema’s catchiest marketing strategy is making a comeback. But are you tuning in or being turned off?

The curious rise of the authorised football biography

By James Luxford

Documentaries like Becoming Zlatan are the new must-have accessory for celebrity footballer everywhere, but do they capture why we love them?

It’s time for Hollywood to change its attitude towards LGBT characters

By James Luxford

Social media campaigns like #LGBTSuperheroes are exposing the movie industry’s worrying lack of diversity.

How Mission: Impossible set the blueprint for the modern actioner

By James Luxford

Twenty years ago Brian De Palma and Tom Cruise ushered in a new blockbuster era.

Captain America – the last good guy

By James Luxford

Five years after making his big screen bow, Chris Evans’ patriotic do-gooder continues to stand out in a world of antiheroes.

What the hell happened to Kevin Costner?

By James Luxford

He was one of the biggest stars of the ’90s, then Hollywood left him behind. So what would it take to bring Kevin Costner back?

How Hollywood killed the origin story

By James Luxford

Universe building is now every studio’s top priority, but are Marvel and DC being shortsighted in their forward thinking?

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