Contributing to Little White Lies

Little White Lies is an arbiter of taste when it comes to the world of film. We’re wholly independent – driven by creativity and originality. We publish news, reviews, profiles, feature stories and interviews across digital and print. We also commission original video works, short documentaries and essay films.

We want to use our platform to cover a broad range of issues from different sources and perspectives, and welcome ideas from everyone.

How do I pitch a story?

Get acquainted with LWLies. We’re constantly on the lookout for inspiring stories from the frontlines of film – think unique local events, intriguing new films, under-the-radar festivals, creative products, cool soundtracks, provocative personalities.

Keep it short and sweet. Zero in on your angle and condense your pitch into a single paragraph. Keep in mind: Who or what you would like to cover; Why you are keen to cover them now; When you would be able to deliver the piece. What makes you the right person to take this on.

Send ideas, not stories or reviews. LWLies commissions and publishes original content. Try not to send us more than one or two ideas at a time, and please don’t send completed stories. If a version of your story has been published elsewhere, please state that clearly and tell us how you would make a new story unique to LWLies. We want to build your story with you as a collaboration.

What kinds of stories is LWLies looking for?

News: Reactive pieces with first-hand reporting and commentary. We cover the whole gamut of cinema – as well as TV – so feel free to pitch on the latest MCU or Netflix offering, or a four-hour minimalist epic from China. Just make sure your angle is in keeping with our tone. We don’t want recycled press releases or the latest casting rumours, although these can become the hook for another, more original piece.

Profiles: Interesting characters shaping film culture today – directors, below-the-line personalities, activists, people with a story to tell. Try to address why we should cover them now. We usually cover interviews with big-name directors and actors ourselves, so again, we’re looking more to hear about people we might not already know.

Opinion: Strong perspectives pegged to current news, delivered in under 800 words (online only). These pieces often have a rapid half-life, so how quickly can you turn this around? We also run anniversary pieces if there is a worthwhile angle. Take a look at our website to get a feel for what we look for in these pieces. We have a few regular strands that you are welcome to pitch a piece for.

Reviews: All film reviews are commissioned in-house, so we ask you not to offer your services in this respect. Exceptions are festival premiers, or if you have unique access to a title that we may not have been able to see/cover elsewhere. If a festival film or smaller title has a newsworthy aspect, then this is something we’d be keen to hear about.

Video essays: We’re looking for short, impactful video pieces which connect to an audience of film fans and beyond. We’re not just after in-depth themed montage works – if you have an idea for a 60-second piece that might find its audience through our social media channels, let us know.

Who should I email?

Send your pitch to the relevant person below:

Magazine Editor
David Jenkins
(Print: Interviews, Feature stories, Profiles, Reviews)

Digital Editor
Adam Woodward
(Online: News, Opinion, Profiles, Features, Festival coverage, Video)

How to I pitch an illustration?

Through our online and print version, LWLies is powered by original illustration, and we’re always looking for new collaborators. We are not able to offer feedback to all submissions, but if you’d like to be considered send your portfolio and a short note to our artistic director, Laurène Boglio:

What are your terms?

Please refer to our contributors terms before undertaking a commission for LWLies. Contact your editor if you have any questions. All contributions are paid.

NB: While we do our best to reply to every email, the volume of submissions often means that it is not always possible to do so. However we do encourage people to pitch us again if they are not successful, and you are welcome to chase us if you don’t hear back after a few days.

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