H Jon Benjamin: ‘When I’m Bob, I’m a hamburger cook and not a singer’

By Charles Bramesco

The man behind Bob’s Burgers talks about the show’s transition to the big screen for a murder mystery musical.

Gaspar Noé: ‘Vortex isn’t about the death of cinema, but its evolution’

By David Jenkins

The Argentinian enfant terrible on death, sex, his mature new film Vortex and why making TV shows isn’t worth his freedom.

Warren Ellis and Andrew Dominik on This Much I Know to be True

By Greg Wetherall

The creative process under Covid takes centre stage in the director’s third collaboration with Nick Cave, co-starring his friend and frequent collaborator.

Jane Schoenbrun: ‘I wanted the film to feel like we’re lost in the haze of the internet’

By Natalie Marlin

The We’re All Going to the World’s Fair director reflects on the importance of allowing trans filmmakers to tell their own stories.

Laura Wandel: ‘It was important that the children made this film their own’

By Lillian Crawford

The Belgian director of harrowing Cannes stand-out Playground on the intricacies of making a film from the perspective of kids.

“No, not the dog!” – John McNaughton on Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

By Little White Lies

Three decades after it first shocked audiences, John McNaughton's twisted thriller receives a 4K re-release courtesy of Arrow Films.

Alexander Skarsgård: ‘I’ve always nurtured this dream of looking at a great epic Viking movie’

By Hannah Strong

As he prepares to unleash hell in The Northman, we profile the Swedish actor who realises his lifelong dream with this Scandanavian epic.

Robert Eggers: ‘This is me trying to do Conan the Barbarian by way of Andrei Rublev’

By Charles Bramesco

The visionary director of The Northman talks scaling up production, his love of Viking culture, and the perils of working with a flock of birds.

Paul Verhoeven: ‘I identify far more with the “female” part of my brain’

By Justine Smith

The Dutch provocateur chats lesbian nuns, alternate realities and his undying love for Quentin Tarantino.

Juho Kuosmanen: ‘Steal from many different places and you can’t get caught!’

By David Jenkins

The director of Compartment No. 6 on the joys of filming on location – in this case, a vintage passenger train.

Braxton Pope: ‘You’re never caught off guard with Paul’

By Sam Moore

The producer of The Canyons and The Card Counter reflects on his experience working with one of Hollywood’s most outspoken auteurs.

Fred Armisen: ‘I’m wimpy about pain’

By Leila Latif

As he plays an overwhelmed indie director in Judd Apatow’s Covid comedy, the actor talks stunts and believing there really are no small parts.

Adrian Lyne: ‘I’ve always thought that acres of flesh is incredibly unsexy’

By Elena Lazic

The master of the erotic thriller talks Deep Water, his long absence, and working with Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas.

Lucie Zhang: ‘The nudity was like wearing a costume’

By Josh Slater-Williams

The star of Jacques Audiard’s Parisian drama reflects on her whirlwind journey from first-time actor to the Cannes red carpet.

Joachim Trier: ‘We need to feel that we have choices which can change our lives’

By Hannah Strong

The writer/director of The Worst Person in the World ponders love, death and the possibility of a cosmic order to all things.

Franz Rogowski: ‘It was a gift to not have to explain it all through words’

By Elena Lazic

The beguiling star of Sebastian Meise’s Great Freedom reflects on his career so far and the future of cinema.

Matt Reeves: ‘I didn’t know if Rob would want to come back to a blockbuster’

By Kambole Campbell

The man behind the return of Gotham’s favourite son reveals why Robert Pattinson was his first and only choice.

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