In Praise Of

Why I love the DIY filmmaking of Once

By Natalie Marlin

John Carney’s microbudget musical proves that talent and creativity can result in an extraordinary cinematic experience.

Shin Ultraman is the culmination of a career indebted to a pop culture icon

By Alicia Haddick

As the cult Japanese hero receives a new live-action outing, we explore Ultraman’s influence on Hideaki Anno.

Movies, Now More than Ever: Robert Altman’s The Player at 30

By Joe Flockhart

As multiverses and IP dominate the box office, we look back to Altman’s biting satire on the unoriginality of Hollywood.

Tall, Dark and Gruesome: a celebration of Christopher Lee’s Count Dracula

By Katherine McLaughlin

On the centenary of a horror icon, we celebrate Christopher Lee's indelible contribution to a vampiric legend.

The undersung talents of Yeun Biao – Hong Kong action star

By Kambole Campbell

As Dreadnaught and Knockabout receive new restorations via Eureka Video, it's time to put this Hong Kong martial arts star in the spotlight.

How Jayne Mansfield set the blueprint for today’s modern reality stars

By Marta Djordjevic

Through her carefully-crafted persona and infamous publicity stunts, she was truly the first example of an A-lister famous for being famous.

Why I love Gena Rowlands’ performance in A Woman Under the Influence

By Molly Cavanagh

As the long-suffering Mabel Longhetti, Rowlands is unforgettable in husband John Cassavetes’ portrait of a desperate housewife.

Reimaging the rom-com abroad in Under the Tuscan Sun

By Noah Britton

Audrey Wells’ Italian-set drama offers a comforting portrayal on female agency and the multitudes of romance.

In praise of The Juniper Tree – The cult classic that gave Björk her first film role

By Rachel Pronger

Before she was a global superstar, the Icelandic singer was a bewitching supporting player in Nietzchka Keene’s folklore drama.

Why I love Robert Mitchum’s performance in Cape Fear

By Adam Scovell

Sixty years after its release, the acting great’s unnerving performance as vengeful convict Max Cady still packs a punch.

In praise of Superstar: The Karen Carpenter Story

By Nick Joyner

Over 30 years later, Todd Haynes’ experimental documentary remains a visionary look at female celebrity.

Discover a classic, booze-fuelled sequence of female self discovery

By Marina Ashioti

In praise of Juho Kuosmanen’s Compartment No. 6 and a scene of human connection around shots of moonshine.

Scene Stealers: A late descent into madness in Nightmare Alley

By Hannah Strong

Bradley Cooper's suave carny gets his comeuppance at the climax of Guillermo del Toro's neo-noir.

Celebrating the complexity of motherhood with Almodóvar and Gyllenhaal

By Anne-Sofie Lindgaard

Parallel Mothers and The Lost Daughter operate as engaging texts on the contradictions and complications of being a mother.

Why I love Liv Ullmann’s performance in Autumn Sonata

By Matt St Clair

As she receives an honorary Academy Award, we celebrate Liv Ullmann’s lead turn in an Ingmar Bergman classic.

Scene Stealers: The fraught Shabbat dinner in Licorice Pizza

By Elizabeth Wiart

Paul Thomas Anderson centres the quintessential awkward family dinner to delightful effect.

Oslo through the eyes of Joachim Trier

By Savina Petkova

To celebrate the release of The Worst Person in the World, we take a closer look at the locations which paint Oslo as a city of one’s own.

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