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Scott Pilgrim Takes Off – leaving behind an unexpected reinvention

By Kambole Campbell

The titular character goes his own way in a new anime that builds on the existing Scott Pilgrim canon, giving the supporting cast a chance to step up.

The Curse is Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie’s unsettling suburban house of mirrors

By Charles Bramesco

Nathan Fielder and Emma Stone star as an unscrupulous property developing couple who find themselves cursed by a small child in this A24 and Showtime collaboration.

Inside the strange, enthusiastic world of YouTube’s fake trailer community

By Kyle MacNeill

For the last decade, a small group of video editors have spent hours toiling over concept trailers, delighting and duping fans eager to catch a sneak peek of an upcoming film.

The Bear embraces career uncertainty and what it means to find a purpose

By Lucy Carter

As chefs Carmy and Syd grapple with the weight of their own expectations and ambition, their friends struggle to find a vocation at all. This candid approach to the difficulty of finding a purpose feels quietly refreshing in pop culture.

The bleak, blistering end of Bill Hader’s Barry

By Rogan Graham

The black comedy series about a hitman pursuing an acting career ended with bloodshed and a damning appraisal of the true crime industrial complex.

FYI: The true horror of the public information film

By Ryan Finnigan

Cinema is enjoying a modern horror renaissance, but has anything lived up to the terror of early children’s safety films?

Why we love Netflix’s You, even though we all agree it’s terrible TV

By Susan Akyeampong

The highly addictive drama about a handsome serial killer has won legions of fans, but they're not watching for the plot.

Poker Face is a pleasurable throwback to the golden age of television

By Annie Berke

Rian Johnson's "howcatchem" villain-of-the-week series sees Natasha Lyonne take on the mantel of an unconventional gumshoe with delightful results.

Paul Mescal is animated by hatred in A Streetcar Named Desire

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

A new production at the Almeida Theatre looks to complement – rather that compete with – Marlon Brando's iconic performance in Elia Kazan's film.

The Eurotrash guide to Jean-Luc Godard

By Adam Woodward

The late French New Wave icon was affectionately sent up on the cult 1990s late-night show.

Reckoning with the ghoulish visual spectacle of the Queen’s funeral

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

Sophie Monks Kaufman reflects on the cinematic elements and pomp and circumstance surrounding the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II.

Arsenal: All Or Nothing and the football documentary boom

By Zoheir Beig

As Amazon's latest Premier League doc airs, how much do these prestige football docs really tell us about the beautiful game?

Severance and the myth of work-life balance

By Emily Maskell

Apple TV+’s intriguing workplace drama sets a new, sinister precedent for office culture.

Julia Garner scams her way to the top in Inventing Anna

By Leila Latif

The latest ripped-from-the-headlines drama is glossy but potentially as toxic as its girlboss villain.

The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window is as convoluted as its title

By Roxanne Sancto

Netflix’s self-parodying psychological thriller doesn’t seem to know what kind of show it wants to be.

Netflix’s Maid is an unfiltered portrayal of single motherhood

By Roxanne Sancto

Margaret Qualley gives a stunning performance in this 10-part drama about a young mum who escapes an abusive relationship.

Midnight Mass is a thrilling tribute to Stephen King’s literary legacy

By Leila Latif

Mike Flanagan’s latest Netflix outing, set in a small island community, is his most ambitious and personal work to date.

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