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David Jenkins

Adam Woodward

Sophie Monks Kaufman


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Gina Carano: ‘I never thought I’d eventually be in a Marvel movie’

By David Jenkins

A one-time mixed martial arts champ completes her transition to the big screen with Deadpool.

Bryan Cranston: ‘We have a warped sense of politics in America’

By Adam Woodward

The Trumbo star cuts loose about why the case of the Hollywood Ten should be viewed as a cautionary tale.

Michael Caine: Every Bloody Thing

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The British screen icon reflects on his remarkable career ahead of his starring role in Paolo Sorrentino’s Youth.

Hou Hsiao-Hsien: ‘There were a lot of gangs where I grew up’

By Matt Thrift

Meet the Taiwanese master who makes gorgeous movies and home-made Samurai swords.

Jack Fisk: ‘Alejandro wanted a mountain of skulls’

By David Jenkins

The legendary production designer reveals how he recreated the wilds of 19th century America for The Revenant.

Brie Larson: ‘The hard part is letting go’

By David Jenkins

The brilliant star of Room reveals the secret to being a good mother in the movies and how she bonded with her co-star Jacob Tremblay.

Pilou Asbæk: ‘Today’s world leaders don’t have any answers’

By Adam Woodward

The star of A War and the new season of Game of Thrones offers his thoughts on a curious human compulsion.

Lily Tomlin: ‘I’m really good at swearing’

By David Jenkins

The doyenne of American comedy and star of Grandma gives a lesson in poetry and swearing.

Terence Davies: ‘I’ve got a huge amount of anger inside me’

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The British maestro on bringing his bucolic passion project, Sunset Song, to the big screen.

Peter Sohn: ‘The process of making a Pixar film is devastating’

By David Jenkins

A Pixar debut boy talks about plucking up the courage to direct The Good Dinosaur.

Todd Haynes: The Amorous Imagination

By David Jenkins

From Brief Encounter to his upcoming Peggy Lee biopic, the Carol director muses on a variety of subjects.

Gaspar Noé: ‘The porn I grew up with was much closer to real life’

By Adam Woodward

The Buenos Aires-born, Paris-based provocateur sounds off on all things Love.

Rooney Mara: The Look of Silence

By Adam Woodward

The Carol star tells us how she has managed to pack so much into her short career.

Saoirse Ronan: ‘I felt a huge responsibility making this film’

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The Brooklyn star on stepping back into 1950s New York and how Colm Tóibín’s source novel affected her.

Guillermo del Toro: ‘I like the Kubrick films that nobody likes’

By David Jenkins

The great Guillermo del Toro talks about his magnificent Gothic ghost story.

Carey Mulligan: ‘I don’t have the guts to endure what these women did’

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The British actress describes the brutal realities of the Suffragette movement.

Andrew Haigh: ‘I try to make my characters as complex and messy as possible’

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The director of Weekend and 45 Years talks to LWLies about how he creates authentic, lived-in characters.

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