Harris Dickinson: ‘It was actually quite scary improvising with Lola’

By Hannah Strong

The Scrapper star on getting into character, upsetting the make-up department and improvising opposite a tenacious 11-year-old.

“The emotional part overwhelmed me” – Catherine Hardwicke on Thirteen at 20

By Simon Bland

Partially inspired by the turbulent home life of one of its stars, this hard-hitting coming-of-age drama still packs a punch – even for director and co-writer Catherine Hardwicke.

Bette Gordon: ‘Between female desire and gratification lies a space full of possibilities’

By Anna Bogutskaya

As Variety returns with a 2K restoration, Bette Gordon reflects on the making of a cult classic, her love for ‘80s New York and her friendship with Nan Goldin.

Alice Winocour: ‘Post-traumatic memory is something very specific’

By Hannah Strong

The French filmmaker on the nuances of recreating a real-life terrorist attack in her reflective new film, Paris Memories.

Inside the wild world of film-to-book novelisations

By Melita Cameron-Wood

Alan Dean Foster, who has adapted the likes of Alien and Star Wars for the page, explains the highly specific art of transforming sci-fi epics into page-turners.

Jason Schwartzman: ‘Working with Wes so long, it really has become like we’re brothers’

By Hannah Strong

The long-time collaborator and star of Wes Anderson's Asteroid City speaks on their enduring friendship, Stanley Kubrick, and learning to talk without moving your mouth.

A conversation with Milena Canonero, Wes Anderson’s costume designer

By David Jenkins

The four time Oscar-winner talks her formative connections with Stanley Kubrick and how she’s able to fulfil Wes Anderson’s unique aesthetic visions.

Wes Anderson: ‘I am drawn to mystery’

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

The maestro behind Asteroid City leaves a voice note for LWLies, reflecting on naming conventions, sci-fi films, and working with his best friends.

Emile Mosseri and Joe Talbot: ‘We’re just following the feeling of what we like’

By Kambole Campbell

To celebrate the release of Emile Mosseri's new album, he sat down with old pal and collaborator Joe Talbot for a chat about Tupac, George Constanza, and swimming in LA lakes.

Parker Posey: ‘I’m nostalgic for how to really meet people. It’s so different now’

By Abbey Bender

As seminal 90s cult movie Party Girl receives a 4K restoration, Parker Posey reflects on her first starring role and nostalgia for the New York City of the past.

Sydney Sweeney: ‘I’ve always felt that my duty is to my characters, and to my work’

By Charles Bramesco

The star of Tina Satter's whistleblowing drama Reality speaks about the challenges of playing a real person and the concept of the modern movie star.

Paul Schrader: ‘My movies are more on the witty clever side than the drop-your-pants funny side’

By Mark Asch

The legendary filmmaker and writer reflects on his curious horticultural drama, Master Gardener, and reveals which of his films he thinks is the funniest.

Davy Chou: ‘This exquisite character helped me to create something more faithful to the truth’

By Hannah Strong

The writer/director of the magical Return to Seoul explains how he drew inspiration from a close friend to create his striking protagonist.

Priya Kansara: ‘I never thought that I’d be a comedic actor’

By Hannah Strong

Priya Kansara talks the epic prep required to play the lead role of a teen stuntwoman-in-the-making in Nida Manzoor's Polite Society.

Nida Manzoor: ‘As South Asian women, we don’t get to rage’

By Soma Ghosh

The writer-director behind the furious, hilarious Polite Society explains how her teenage years inspired her to create a coming-of-age action-comedy for the ages.

Takehide Hori: ‘Everything started from my misunderstanding’

By Kambole Campbell

The writer, director, set designer, puppet builder, animator, composer and actor behind the dystopian stop-motion epic Junk Head discusses how he created a film almost single-handedly.

Rachel Weisz and Alice Birch: ‘Siblings can be close, but this is a whole other level of codependency’

By Rafa Sales Ross

Actress and producer Rachel Weisz and writer Alice Birch lift the lid on their reimagining of David Cronenberg's chilling twin thriller.

How to Blow Up a Pipeline: ‘You just try to live in a way that minimises your reprehensibility’

By Charles Bramesco

The team behind the explosive eco-thriller How to Blow Up A Pipeline reflect on the nature of activism, living under capitalism and spurring audiences out of inertia.

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