Sheffield Doc/Fest

Here’s what it’s like to pitch your film idea at a festival

By Rupert Clague

One filmmaker shares his experiment of pitching a project at Sheffield DocFest's MeetMarket, which connects artists with a variety of people who might be able to help them realise their dream.

At Sheffield Doc/Fest, filmmakers reflect on the war in Ukraine

By Katie Goh

The challenges and ethics of showing life in an active conflict zone were a key theme of the festival's 2022 edition.

This new documentary is Afghanistan’s answer to Boyhood

By Katie Goh

My Childhood, My Country sees filmmaker Phil Grabsky and journalist Shoaib Sharifi capture a young man’s life.

20 years on, can cinema teach us anything new about 9/11?

By Thomas Flew

At this year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest, a trio of documentaries revisited the events of that fateful September day.

Female authenticity takes centre stage at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2021

By Lydia Rostant

Three films at this year’s festival combined female-centred stories with inspiring acts of protest.

Uprising is an urgent, emotional account of a national tragedy

By Katie Goh

Steve McQueen and James Rogan’s three-part docuseries examines three pivotal events from 1981.

A new documentary revisits the Tokyo gas attack 25 years on

By Matt Turner

In Me and the Cult Leader, filmmaker and survivor Atsushi Sakahara confronts both his own trauma and that of a nation.

A new film explores the history of mass incarceration and house music in America

By Hannah Clugston

Bring Down the Walls suggests that the dance floor can provide liberation from oppressive judicial policies.

Elizabeth Sankey on deconstructing the rom-com

By Katie Goh

The musician-turned-filmmaker explores the history of the genre in her insightful debut, Romantic Comedy.

The best new sports documentaries to look out for in 2018

By Matt Turner

This year’s Sheffield Doc/Fest featured three profound tales of sporting triumph and tragedy.

What’s the relationship between documentary and democracy?

By Katy Vans

Now more than ever, filmmakers are fighting to give a voice to the disaffected, the poor and the oppressed.

The 10 best films we saw at Sheffield Doc/Fest 2017

By David Jenkins

Our favourite documentaries from this year’s festival – all of which you should look out for.

How cinema is challenging the narrative around the Syria crisis

By Matt Turner

At Sheffield Doc/Fest a trio of films reveal the horror and hope at the heart of the conflict.

The Age of Consequences – first look review

By Brogan Morris

The Hurt Locker meets An Inconvenient Truth in this vital new climate change documentary.

Sour Grapes – first look review

By Brogan Morris

There’s notes of Orson Welles’ F for Fake in this richly intoxicating wine-based con caper.

Golden Girl – first look review

By Katy Vans

Director Susanna Edwards captures the emotional complexity of a brutal sport in this intimate portrait of ‘the female Rocky’.

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