James Gunn

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3

By Hannah Strong

James Gunn bids the MCU an emotional farewell in the final outing for his rabble-rousing gang of space pirates.


20 years on, Scooby Doo is still a thrillingly silly throwback teen comedy

By Claire White

The unpretentious hijinks of Scooby, Shaggy and Mystery Inc. offer a nostalgic respite from the grim-dark state of current franchise fair.

The Suicide Squad

By Lillian Crawford

James Gunn doubles down on his crass brand of humour in this charmless, unfunny and facile franchise redo.


The first trailer for The Suicide Squad assembles a ragtag psycho crew

By Charles Bramesco

James Gunn reboots DC’s preeminent team of villains on the leash in a new adventure.

James Gunn will direct Guardians of the Galaxy 3 after all

By Adam Woodward

Disney confirms rehiring following Gunn’s public dismissal in July 2018.

Solo moviegoing isn’t an option – it’s a necessity

By David Jenkins

Movies are the only artform where consuming on your own is considered a faux pas. But why?

How The Fifth Element set the tone for modern blockbusters

By Patrick Sproull

Twenty years on, Luc Besson’s neon-hued space opera has lost none of its off-kilter charm.

Michael Rooker takes our Guardians of the Galaxy pop quiz

By Little White Lies

The veteran Hollywood actor answers questions on James Gunn’s superhero sequel.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2

By David Jenkins

This big shiny superhero sequel delivers on expectation, but never threatens to do anything more than that.


The Belko Experiment

By Anton Bitel

Greg McLean and James Gunn turn just another day at the office into full-blown battle royale.

review LWLies Recommends

Claymation goes R-rated in these promos for The Belko Experiment

By Little White Lies

Watch three truly disgusting clips from Greg McLean and James Gunn’s violent corporate satire.

Guardians of the Galaxy

By Adam Woodward

Chris Pratt and co deliver big in Marvel’s smartest and most surprising film to date.



By Anton Bitel

You won’t see a masked vigilante movie more morally responsible or edgy this side of The Dark Knight.


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