Michael Rooker takes our Guardians of the Galaxy pop quiz

We were thrilled to be in the presence of one of Hollywood’s character actor stalwarts, even if it was only for six sweet minutes. Michael Rooker exploded onto the scene way back in 1986 as the lead in Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, where he encapsulated the banality of evil in his role as a garden variety murderer.

Though he’s been putting in the hard yards on TV’s The Waking Dead, it’s his role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy saga for which he’s now known among fanboys far and wide.

As music is such an integral part of the Guardians universe, we decided to spring a little pop quiz on Mr Rooker, with all questions inspired by the Awesome Mix Vol 2 soundtrack.

Watch the video above and tweet your score to us @LWLies

Published 28 Apr 2017

Tags: James Gunn Michael Rooker

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