By Hannah Strong

Opposites attract in Pixar's take on the rom-com, but a tendency to play it safe means that Peter Sohn's sparky sophomore feature never quite ignites.


The Little Mermaid

By Leila Latif

Halle Bailey’s charms can’t distract from all the bizarre choices at the heart of this underwhelming live-action remake.


Avatar: The Way of Water

By David Jenkins

A gaudy blue folly which encapsulates James Cameron’s strength as an image-maker, but weakness as a storyteller.


Strange World

By David Jenkins

This retro-inspired Disney adventure yarn boasts lots of great, progressive ideas, but lacks in the imagination department.



By Ella Kemp

Anyone with fond memories of the 2007 meta-fairytale banger, Enchanted, starring Amy Adams, is in for a surprise and a treat.


Who is Cate Shortland and why has she directed a Marvel movie?

By Natasha Jagger

How this talented Australian indie director ended up helming one of the year’s biggest blockbusters.


By Hannah Strong

Emma Stone plays the fur-loving fashionista in this overlong and largely uninspired origin story.


Pixar weaves a fantasy of Italian mer-boys in the first Luca trailer

By Charles Bramesco

A pair of friends must keep their amphibian secret from their harpoon-happy community.

Emma Stone goes punk in the first trailer for Disney’s Cruella

By Charles Bramesco

She leads the cast of I, Tonya director Craig Gillespie’s live-action 101 Dalmatians prequel.

Jurassic Lark: The satirical genius of Jim Henson’s Dinosaurs

By Aimee Knight

Animatronic puppets, searing social commentary, this short-lived early ’90s sitcom had it all.

Making sense of Disney’s deluge of new content announcements

By Charles Bramesco

A staggering number of upcoming projects were revealed this week, set to be rolled out over the next decade.

Soul – first-look review

By Hannah Strong

Jamie Foxx is a jazz musician reckoning with the afterlife in Pixar’s best film in quite some time.

Barry Jenkins will direct a sequel to the computerized Lion King remake

By Charles Bramesco

The Oscar-winning filmmaker will go from Harlem to Pride Rock.

Watch: The Lion King – original vs remake

By Leigh Singer

Our Remake/Remodel series continues with a breakdown of Disney’s most successful “live-action” update yet.

The pull of Pinocchio – How an Italian fairy tale became a pop culture staple

By James Clarke

On the 80th anniversary of Disney’s animation, we look at the different ways this magical fable has been interpreted.

Rick Moranis is coming out of retirement for a Honey, I Shrunk the Kids sequel

By Charles Bramesco

He’s set to star alongside Josh Gad in a belated follow-up to the beloved ’80s sci-fi comedy.

What’s next for post-remake Disney?

By Charles Bramesco

Once they’ve run out of animated classics to revive, where will the Mouse House turn?

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