Hors de Temps – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Olivier Assayas offers a wistful, meandering and amusingly philosophical exploration of life during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking)

By David Jenkins

A mother attempts to scrape together a deposit for a house over a single day in Kelley Kali and Angelique Molina’s dramatically-underpowered response to post-pandemic life.


Who decided independent cinemas are worth 2.8%?

By Daisy Bata

The UK government’s Culture Recovery Fund has disproportionately favoured larger cultural and media institutions.

Ben Wheatley conjures woodland insanity in the In the Earth trailer

By Charles Bramesco

A research expedition descends into violent hysterics in the writer/director’s pandemic-era horror.

Is the UK government doing enough to save independent cinema?

By Daisy Bata

The Chancellor’s Culture Recovery Fund is a welcome lifeline, but many businesses and industry workers are being left out in the cold.

76 Days

By Weiting Liu

This intimate documentary, shot during lockdown in Wuhan, measures the human cost of the coronavirus pandemic.

review LWLies Recommends

Locked Down

By Erik Nielsen

An affluent couple plot an audacious diamond heist in the Covid movie absolutely no one needed.


Totally Under Control

By Erik Nielsen

The Trump administration’s catastrophic response to COVID-19 is laid bare in Alex Gibney’s timely exposé.


Ai Weiwei has made a sobering pandemic documentary in secrecy

By Charles Bramesco

The Chinese artist-filmmaker’s gorgeous, shattering CoroNation quietly arrived online over the weekend.

David Squires on… The Dark Knight Unmasked

By Little White Lies

Cartoonist David Squires imagines how the residents of Gotham are dealing with COVID-19.

David Squires on… 10 Covidfield Lane

By Little White Lies

David Squires takes stock of the latest COVID-19 guidance, and whether it’s safe to leave the bunker...

Hollywood prefers blondes (as index patients)

By Elizabeth Horkley

Attractive women of questionable virtue have long been a scapegoat for society’s literal ills.

A new relief fund will provide aid to the UK’s film and TV industries

By Charles Bramesco

Netflix has already pledged £1 million in a joint venture with BFI and The Film and TV Charity.

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