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The irrepressible screen presence of Jason Statham

By Callie Petch

One of cinema's leading hard men, the former model and Commonwealth diver has carved out a dependable – and at times greatly entertaining – niche.

Dylan Southern and Will Lovelace: ‘We picked up enough detective skills that we could work for Bellingcat’

By Callie Petch

The music documentarians discuss piecing together a history of the LES scene which birthed LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, and Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Why Jackass Forever deserves the Best Editing Academy Award

By Callie Petch

Comedy is a frequently overlooked genre when it comes to prestigious awards, but Jackass Forever proves that it takes a lot of effort to effortlessly look foolish.

A new batch of films explore the importance of whisper networks in protecting women

By Callie Petch

She Said, Call Jane, Hidden Letters and Women Talking form a quartet that depicts how women have worked to create their own means of rebelling against abuses from the patriarchy.

The non-binary subtext of Wolfwalkers

By Callie Petch

The twin journeys of Robyn and Mebh toward self-acceptance reflect the real-life journey of many queer and gender-nonconforming people toward embracing their identity.

Chris Butler on ParaNorman: ‘We wanted it to feel like a rollercoaster’

By Callie Petch

The co-director of the weird and wonderful stop motion modern classic ParaNorman reflects on the film's legacy a decade later.

I Love My Dad – first-look review

By Callie Petch

A father impersonates a young woman online in a bid to get closer to his son in James Morosini's promising but frustrating debut.

My Father’s Dragon – first-look review

By Callie Petch

Cartoon Saloon return with a poignant tale of a boy who sets out on a quest to find a dragon in peril.

How Men in Black subverted blockbuster tropes to become box office gold

By Callie Petch

Twenty-five years ago Barry Sonnenfeld's workplace action-comedy broke the rules and launched an iconic franchise.

How the dynamic editing of Don’t Think sets the bar for concert films

By Callie Petch

Adam Smith creates a disorientating, immersive experience through innovative camera work and editing in The Chemical Brothers: Don't Think.

How 24 Hour Party People put an anarchic spin on the music biopic

By Callie Petch

Michael Winterbottom’s portrait of the Madchester scene is enduring proof that films about musicians don’t have to beatify their subjects.

Language Lessons – first-look review

By Callie Petch

Writer/director Natalie Morales crafts one of the pandemic era’s most moving and effective odes to long-distanced intimacy.

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