Michael Bay

Michael Bay’s American Nightmare: Bad Boys II at 20

By Olivia Hunter Willke

Two decades on, Michael Bay's nihilistic, hyper-violent police drama serves as a state of the union address.


By Kambole Campbell

Michael Bay returns to the multiplex with a high octane thriller involving a bank robbery and a stolen ambulance.

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When Deep Impact and Armageddon hit Hollywood

By Harry Harris

Though similar, there are marked differences between these twin films – and the fates of their respective directors.

Transformers: The Last Knight

By Adam Woodward

Michael Bay once again puts the ‘bro’ in Hasbro with this staggeringly incoherent Arthurian epic.


The original Transformers movie is one of the weirdest kids’ films ever made

By Greg Evans

Michael Bay could learn a lot from this entertaining ’80s cartoon.

Why I love Dwayne Johnson’s performance in Pain & Gain

By Josh Slater-Williams

There’s more to his larger-than-life turn than meets the eye.

Michael Bay is producing a dystopian thriller about Trump’s America

By Lena Hanafy

Will Little America be a case of the blind leading the blind?

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