Michael Bay is producing a dystopian thriller about Trump’s America

Will Little America be a case of the blind leading the blind?


Lena Hanafy

A dystopian action-thriller is in the works courtesy of Michael Bay and fellow producers Andrew Form and Brad Fuller. Little America will reportedly depict a near-future US in economic turmoil thanks to a Trump-like president, leaving the country at the mercy of its debts to China.

The story sees a former soldier hired by a Chinese billionaire to rescue his missing daughter from this volatile environment. Rowan Athale is on board to write and direct, with the film being billed as a modern-day riff on John Carpenter’s cult favourite from 1981, Escape From New York.

The fact that an anti-Trump film is already in the works is hardly surprising given Hollywood’s penchant for satirising the domestic political climate. It’s the presence of an outwardly gung-ho filmmaker like Michael Bay which is likely to raise eyebrows. Little America indeed.

To be fair, it’s unclear at this stage whether the project is intended to be a critique of the Trump administration, or whether it will simply be an exercise in commodifying a political climate which has never felt more divided. What do you think? Let us know @LWLies

Published 26 Jan 2017

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