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Another Brick in the Wall: The Lego Movie at 10

By Esmé Holden

A decade on from its lucrative release, Lord and Miller's animated comedy reveals an enduring obsession with a narrow view of artistic and personal individuality and freedom.

The Beautiful and the Pointless

By Esmé Holden

If sex scenes, or any other type of scene, don’t need to serve the plot, do they need to serve anything at all?

A journey through the past at Il Cinema Ritrovato

By Esmé Holden

What can a film festival dedicated to the screening of older cinema tell us about the present state of audience engagement with movie watching?

The problem with Blue is the Warmest Colour

By Esmé Holden

A decade since Abdellatif Kechiche's film made history at the Cannes Film Festival, its legacy is a troubling one.

Why I love the queerness of Bugs Bunny

By Esmé Holden

Looney Tunes' iconic rabbit hero might not have been considered a queer icon during his hey day, but with hindsight he takes on a new meaning.

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