Will Ferrell reprises Ron Burgundy role for a new podcast

Listen to the first episode in the series now, recorded inside a glass case of emotion.


Charles Bramesco


We don’t know how to put this… but Ron Burgundy has got a podcast, and yes, it’s kind of a big deal. That’s right, the most oft-quoted comedy of the 2000s, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, is getting an unexpected spin-off via iHeart Radio, and early reports from industry insiders suggest that 60 per cent of the time, it will work every time.

The self-evidently titled Ron Burgundy Podcast will call Will Ferrell‘s haughty jazz flute virtuoso out of retirement for a series of longform explorations of the big topics sparking conversation in society today: politics, bullying, the powers of transcendental meditation, presumably moustache maintenance and care.

For each instalment, he’ll bring on a notable person in the field to provide some commentary, and then subject that person to a battery of silliness as their exchange spins out in whichever direction. Whether anyone will actually learn anything has yet to be confirmed.

The podcast launched just this week, with the premiere episode ‘True Crime’ available to download here. The hottest genre in the burgeoning biz has long captivated the investigative-minded Burgundy, so he brings on a professional criminologist to shed some light on the situation. (Or just help him plot the perfect murder, speculate on the identity of the Zodiac, and talk A Star Is Born.)

For a man so enamoured of hearing himself speak, the podcast might be the perfect Burgundy vehicle. Now, all we need is an Alan Partridge YouTube channel and we’ll be set.

Published 8 Feb 2019

Tags: Anchorman Will Ferrell

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