Reaction to the news of a Matrix reboot has been… passionate

The appetite to hang out with Neo and the gang once more doesn’t appear to be that strong.

Little White Lies

Time is folding in on itself as Warner Bros have announced that they are all set to reboot The Matrix for a new generation. A generation who can’t remember 1999. The film follows a lowly computer hacker as he’s elevated to the level of digital godhead upon discovering that all life as we know it is a mere smokescreen being created by an enclave of humans living in caves and warding off robotic squids.

The Matrix has recently been back in the news because it has been symbolically embraced by members of the so-called “alt-right” (Nazis) who have misappropriated the essential conspiracy theory element of the film, in which reality is revealed by the ingestion of a simple coloured pill. But back in another, possibly more cosy digital reality – Twitter – initial reactions to the news have been rolling in…

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Published 15 Mar 2017

Tags: Keanu Reeves

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