The first trailer for Wonder Woman is here

Uncle Zack may not have given Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman the most auspicious start in life with an extended cameo appearance in his blaring abomination, Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, but we have high(er) hopes for this stand alone feature. “Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder.” states the breathless tagline, as DC make a play for their first non-awful, non-Batman comic book blockbuster.

This one, from this first peek, looks at least to have muffled the angular grumbling and solipsistic machismo, and no film can be truly awful that contains scenes set in Paris’ high seat of culture, the Louvre. Director Patty Jenkins will be best known for her award-bothering portrait of Aileen Wuornos, Monster, so fingers and toes crossed that she can drag just a modicum of the intensity from that film across to this one.

Wonder Woman hits cinemas on 2 June, 2017.

Published 3 Nov 2016

Tags: DC Comics Wonder Woman Zack Snyder

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