Watch Viggo Mortensen’s directorial debut Falling

The actor’s astute first feature as a director is now available to stream via Modern Films.

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It’s a little surprising to hear that it’s taken as long as it has for the industrious multi-hyphenate Viggo Mortensen to finally write and direct a movie. Falling is his wistful debut feature about time, family tensions and generational malaise.

At its centre is the actor Lance Henriksen as a dyspeptic widower who raised his two children in his own conservative, patriarchal image. As so often is the case, instead of bending to his iron will, the kids ended up rebelling, moving away from rural farm life and to the big city to embrace liberal culture.

In telling this often-painful story, Mortensen opts for an unhurried and focused approach, allowing his actors room to breath and the narrative to build out from character interactions rather than contrivances. It’s a piece of old school Hollywood craftsmanship, and it’s available to view via Modern Films’ Virtual Screening Platform from 4 December onwards.

Also, take a look at our newly commissioned poster artwork by artist Amy Leonard, which captures the autumnal atmosphere of this moving family drama.

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Published 4 Dec 2020

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