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The enduring joy of Dick Cavett’s Old Hollywood interviews

By Sarah Cleary

Stars including Katherine Hepburn and Gloria Swanson appeared on Dick Cavett's seminal American talk show – a reminder that the televised interview is something of a lost art.

Why I love Lindsay Lohan in Freaky Friday

By Sarah Cleary

20 years on, her performance as an uptight businesswoman trapped in the body of her teenage daughter is still among the best Disney has to offer.

The complicated legacy of heavy metal in cinema

By Sarah Cleary

Metal is often given short shrift at the movies, but a handful of great auteurs have used the genre and its subculture to brilliant effect.

Who is the Hawksian Woman?

By Sarah Cleary

From Hildy Johnson to Lorelei Lee and Dorothy Shaw, Howard Hawks' films are often remembered for their spunky leading ladies – but how should we view them in the present day?

The daring gender nonconformity of Ed Wood’s Glen or Glenda

By Sarah Cleary

As Ed Wood's exploitation film partly based on his own experience celebrates its 70th anniversary, its progressive take on performing gender is ripe for rediscovery.

Why I love Zoë Lund’s performance in Ms 45

By Sarah Cleary

Her performance as the mute garment worker Thama who takes on the scumbags of New York City is the heart of Abel Ferrara's rape-revenge thriller.

Blue Jean

By Sarah Cleary

A closeted lesbian PE teacher grapples with the ramifications of Section 28 as a new student joins her class.


Crimes of the Future

By Sarah Cleary

Extreme surgery replaces sex in body horror maestro David Cronenberg’s ambitious blends of science fiction and film noir.

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