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Henry Heffer


In his post-Batman guise, Ben Affleck still looks considerably more brawny than brainy, but he’s out to show his smarts as Chris Wolff, an obsessive compulsive math savant, in Gavin O’Connor’s new thriller, The Accountant.

O’Connor is the man responsible for the high-impact family drama / MMA beat ’em up, Warrior, from 2011. Now it appears he’s staying with the theme of the sleeping assassin in all of us. The trailer hints at a superhero origin story akin to A Beautiful Mind’s John Nash – puzzle solving, meticulous cutlery arrangement and plate-glass equations are now mandatory when it comes to distinguishing genius on screen.

Then something awakens inside of Wolff and things start to get a bit Jason Bourne. Anna Kendrick shows up late on for what we can only presume is a good reason. But this is undoubtedly the Ben Affleck show – he’s essentially Rain Man with an assault rifle, which is a very intriguing prospect indeed.

The Accountant is released in cinemas November 4 2016.

Published 13 May 2016

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