The six best quotes from the Supersonic trailer

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a new Oasis doc in town and, judging by this first-look trailer, it’s everything we expected it to be: heavy on the aggro and dripping with ’90s nostalgia. In the film, director Mat Whitecross charts the meteoric rise of one of the UK’s most iconic bands, fronted by those lovable Mancunian scamps the Gallagher brothers.

Plenty has been written about Noel and Liam over the years, their rock ’n’ roll antics having been captured by numerous television documentary crews. What makes Supersonic unique is that it marks the first time the band have been given the opportunity to reflect on their early success on the big screen, recounting their remarkable and controversy-streaked story in their own words. With that in mind, here are some choice quotes from the above trailer to whet your appetite.

1. “Oasis was like a Ferrari: great to look at, great to drive, and it’ll fucking spin out of control every now and again.” – LG

2. “We were just lads from a council estate. Two brothers. Head cases.” – NG

3. “It was fucking biblical, man.” – LG

4. “The day that it steps over into the tabloids, then you’ve gone to the dark side.” – NG

5. “Oasis’ greatest strength was me and Liam.” – NG

6. “I just think in the times in which we live [Oasis] would be unrepeatable.” – NG


Supersonic hits cinemas 2 October and will be available to buy and stream from 31 October.

Published 6 Sep 2016

Tags: Liam Gallagher Mat Whitecross Noel Gallagher Oasis

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