You too can eat like an alien with the new Star Wars cookbook

Have dinner at Maz Kanata’s canteen from the comfort of your own kitchen.


Charles Bramesco


The Star Wars movies are all about escapism, inviting viewers to insert themselves into a death-defying dash through the cosmos on the Millennium Falcon or a bitter lightsaber duel between the Jedi and Sith. But what of those viewers focused instead on the little things, who want nothing more than to try the rockin’ buzz of a death stick or sample the local delicacies on the far-off planet of Takodana?

The latter category is in luck today, as Lucasfilm has announced the release of an authorized cookbook with which regular folks might replicate the food they’d find at the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge amusement park. The book, titled ‘The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook’, will expand palates on an intergalactic scale with a variety of brightly-colored slops and tempting mounds of mush.

The Hollywood Reporter specifies that the book has been written from the perspective of Strono “Cookie” Tuggs, the former head chef at Maz Kanata’s castle canteen (as featured in 2015’s The Force Awakens). Over eons of travel through the great unknown, Tuggs has gotten a pretty good handle on outer space haute cuisine, which mostly consists of ingredients familiar to we puny humans, recombined in a novel way.

The Galaxy’s Edge web site provides curious prospective visitors with a comprehensive rundown of the exotic dishes available to sample within the park, which doubles as a preview of the recipes available in the forthcoming book. Without further ado, let’s peruse the grub:

Behold the Ronto Wrap, a taco-looking hodgepodge stuffing roast pork and grilled sausage with “peppercorn sauce” and a cabbage slaw all in a folded pita. The dehydrated strips proudly hanging next to it are Nuna Jerky, which are made from turkey and come in sweet or spicy varieties.

The dishes put a otherworldly spin on what would otherwise be recognizable to a homo sapien: ribs (from the remote encampment of Kaadu, upper lefthand corner), garden salad with vegetarian kefta (from the Felucian region, upper right), Asian noodle salad (made here with “Yobshrimp,” bottom left), and a meatless meatloaf (the “Ithorian Garden Loaf,” bottom right).

Whether you’re a parent trying to gussy up healthy eats for your Star Wars-obsessed youngster or a grown-up devotee determined to bring your fandom into the realm of the gastronomical, the book will send our humble human tastebuds into hyperjump. Just give anything Sarlacc-flavored a couple test sniffs before digging in (and do yourself a favor – pass on the deep-fried Jabba).

The Official Black Spire Outpost Cookbook will be on shelves in the US and UK on 5 November.

Published 6 Aug 2019

Tags: Star Wars

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