Quentin Tarantino and Margot Robbie on the real Sharon Tate

The director and star of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood tell the story of one of the film’s key scenes.


Adam Woodward


Last week I sat down for a chat with Quentin Tarantino and Margot Robbie ahead of the UK release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood on 14 August. We spoke about one of the film’s standout scenes, where Robbie’s Sharon Tate goes to the Bruin Theatre in Los Angeles to see her new movie, The Wrecking Crew. It’s a sweet moment beautifully realised by Robbie.

During our conversation she and Tarantino went into detail about how the scene came together, explaining why it was important to them to show the real Tate on screen. The pair described their deep affection for Tate’s comedic performance in The Wrecking Crew, while Robbie also discussed her preparation for the role.

Tarantino then revealed something I’d never heard him mention before: how in 1992 he went to see Reservoir Dogs every day during its initial theatrical run, figuring he might not get the chance to make another movie.

Watch the full interview below and read the LWLies Recommends review of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Published 12 Aug 2019

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