The Story of a Scene: David Gordon Green on Stronger

The director exclusively narrates a clip from his inspirational new film.

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Stronger is not your typical Hollywood biopic. It tells the inspirational true story of Jeff Bauman (played by the ever-dependable Jake Gyllenhaal) who became a symbol of hope to the world after losing both of his legs in the horrendous 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. It’s a relatable human drama handled unsentimentally yet with great sensitivity by director David Gordon Green.

In our review of the film, we praise Green for bringing his “A-game to a project more fraught with trainwreck potential than anything he’s tackled before, demonstrating a refreshing shrewdness and restraint in a narrative that could have easily melted into gooey hagiography or pat inspirationalism.”

Here the director exclusively tells the story of a key scene in the film, which required Gyllenhaal to convey a particularly painful human struggle. Watch the clip below and see Stronger in UK cinemas from 8 December.

Published 8 Dec 2017

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