Watch the nerve-shredding new trailer for Alien: Covenant

There’s face-hugging action and intense flashes of Xenomorph carnage in the nerve-shredding, spine-tingling new trailer for director Ridley Scott’s upcoming sci-fi Alien: Covenant.

The film is set 10 years after the events of 2012’s Prometheus but before Scott’s 1979 original. It follows a group of couples on-board the colony ship Covenant, which lands on an uncharted paradise planet where the crew mysteriously discovers fields of wheat and the synthetic who (we presume) planted it – the sole survivor of the doomed Prometheus mission.

From here everything goes to hell, as alluded to in the film’s eerie tagline: ‘The path to paradise begins in hell’. Covenant was initially titled ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’, and it’s now clear that Scott is returning to the scene of his earlier prequel, with the engineer ship featured here seemingly the same as the one from Prometheus.

This full-length teaser also gives us a proper look at the cast, with Katherine Waterston seemingly occupying the Ellen Ripley role, Michael Fassbender back as a new model android and Danny McBride as the ship’s Stetson-wearing pilot. Also, look out for a mysterious cloaked figure towards the end of the trailer.

Alien: Covenant is released 12 May in the UK and 19 May in the US.

Published 1 Mar 2017

Tags: James Franco Michael Fassbender Ridley Scott

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