How dyslexia helps some of the biggest filmmakers to think differently

By Louise Conway

Recent studies have shown how people with dyslexia have enhanced abilities in originality, creativity, and reasoning. Could it be that movies can provide the perfect place to focus on the strengths of this different way of thinking?

Cage is all the rage – but his recent projects are selling him short

By Rory Doherty

Nicolas Cage is a singular cinematic talent, but lately a string of lacklustre films attempt to capitalise on the pop culture image of him without adding to the conversation.

Air erases Michael Jordan from his own narrative

By Yasmin Omar

In a dehumanising creative decision, Ben Affleck excludes the iconic basketball player from his Air Jordan origin story. It’s not a good look.

How Obvious Child set a new standard for portraying abortion on screen

By Becca Rieckmann

Gillian Robespierre’s 2014 comedy-drama was refreshingly candid – as Roe vs Wade is repealed, it feels even more relevant.

Tom Cruise: Hollywood’s last leading man

By Susan Akyeampong

A certain image of masculinity perpetuated by Tom Cruise is on the decline in Hollywood – but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

How Deep Throat and Pleasure ask questions about safety on porn sets

By Stefania Sarrubba

Ninja Thyberg’s drama brings up questions about adult film which have gone unaddressed since the days of Linda Lovelace.

How female sex workers are reclaiming their on-screen image

By Miriam Balanescu

From P-Valley to Pleasure, the industry is finally starting to be shown in an authentic light.

What’s gained and lost by the HBO Max-Warner Brothers deal?

By Hannah Strong

With the studio announcing a landmark streaming deal for its 2021 slate, it once again falls to audiences to “save cinema”.

Are superhero movies killing traditional screen acting?

By Manuela Lazic

As tentpole blockbusters expand and evolve, actors are having to flex their performance muscles in different ways.

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