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Gakuryu Ishii’s Punk Samurai is an anarchic take on an ‘unfilmable’ manga

By Anton Bitel

A ronin with lofty ambitions tells a white lie that quickly spirals out of control in this riotous samurai flick.

The perverse suburban joys of Welcome to the Dollhouse

By Anton Bitel

Todd Solondz's dark coming-of-ager sees an magnificent Heather Matarazzo play the ultimate awkward preteen in Dawn Wiener.

The frenetic charm of Miami Blues

By Anton Bitel

George Armitage's 1990 neo-noir starring Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh is a chaotic game of cat and mouse.

How Rob Zombie put his own spin on a television classic

By Anton Bitel

The horror director turns his attention to comedy and romance with his prequel version of The Munsters.

The classic Italian political drama about the tyranny of industrial capitalism

By Anton Bitel

Elio Petri's The Working Class Goes to Heaven remains a sobering portrait of life as a cog in the oppressive machine.

What does it take to bring a film back to life?

By Carmen Paddock

A new restoration of Thorold Dickinson's The Queen of Spades highlights the importance and painstaking nature of the film preservation process.

A robotic Santa wreaks havoc in a new festive offering

By Anton Bitel

Christmas Bloody Christmas is a Yuletide horror with a dark sense of humour and some killer robots.

The strange cinematic history of King Kong

By Anton Bitel

As a restoration of the 1976 remake lands on home entertainment platforms, it's a fascinating insight into the on-screen story of this iconic feature creature.

The Witch: Part 2 – The Other One is a wild action-thriller

By Anton Bitel

This blood-soaked South Korean sequel picks up where The Witch: Part 1 left off, with a pair of supernatural twins causing havoc.

Discover the slapstick joys of this 80s martial arts comedy

By Anton Bitel

Sammo Hung stars as a hapless amateur detective in Wu Ma's classic comedy caper.

30 years on, Ghostwatch is still as haunting as ever

By Anton Bitel

The BBC pulled off an ingenious prank with their 1992 paranormal investigation, which has proven an inspiration for the found footage boom.

Discover the haunting human horrors of this Pre-Code classic

By Anton Bitel

Irving Pichel and Ernest B. Schoedsack's The Most Dangerous Game still has the power to shock, 80 years after its release.

Discover this high-octane, anti-colonial Jackie Chan actioner

By Anton Bitel

Like its predecessors, 1992’s Police Story 3: Supercop offers plenty of thrills and spills – but with more political commentary.

Discover the radical energy of this unsettling psychodrama

By Anton Bitel

Jonathan Weiss offers an unconventional and disturbing adaptation of J.G Ballard's 'unadaptable' work of experimental fiction.

Three decades on, Joel Schumacher’s Flatliners is a cheesy, existential delight

By Anton Bitel

A group of medical students push the boundary between life and death in this bombastic thriller.

Discover the unique thrills of Johnnie To’s Running Out of Time series

By Anton Bitel

A beleaguered detective faces off against two different thieves in the Hong Kong director’s two-part crime caper.

Revisiting Tremors, the cult monster western with a sense of humour

By Anton Bitel

Ron Underwood's 1990 giant worm flick gets the ultra HD treatment care of Arrow Films.

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