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Three decades on, Joel Schumacher’s Flatliners is a cheesy, existential delight

By Anton Bitel

A group of medical students push the boundary between life and death in this bombastic thriller.

Discover the unique thrills of Johnnie To’s Running Out of Time series

By Anton Bitel

A beleaguered detective faces off against two different thieves in the Hong Kong director’s two-part crime caper.

Revisiting Tremors, the cult monster western with a sense of humour

By Anton Bitel

Ron Underwood's 1990 giant worm flick gets the ultra HD treatment care of Arrow Films.

Luis Buñuel’s culinary send-up of the upper class is more relevant than ever

By Anton Bitel

A group of bourgeoise friends attend the strangest dinner party in this late period Buñuel classic.

The perverse delights of Jonathan Demme’s cult classic Crazy Mama

By Anton Bitel

An intergenerational matriarchy embarks on a crime spree in the late director’s 1975 action-comedy.

Is this Gaspar Noé’s most religious film?

By Anton Bitel

The director’s short experimental feature, Lux Æterna, plays like a panic attack before reaching a rapturous crescendo.

Discover the cult ’80s slasher that pre-empted Freddy Krueger

By Anton Bitel

The likes of A Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream owe something to Robert Deubel’s co-ed carve up Girls Nite Out.

Something sinister lives among the sheep in this ’70s wild west monster movie

By Anton Bitel

Fredric Hobbs' surreal 1973 film sees a giant mutant sheep terrorise the residents of a sleepy town in rural Nevada.

The frenetic thrills of Abel Ferrara’s abstract surveillance thriller

By Anton Bitel

Ethan Hawke stars in this poetic and strange thriller about a military operative chasing multiple threads in Rome.

Discover the dreamy delights of this Japanese detective noir

By Anton Bitel

Kaizo Hayashi’s ’80s crime drama To Sleep So as to Dream is a rich homage to Japan’s cinematic heritage.

Discover the surreal provocations of this Japanese anthology comedy

By Anton Bitel

Katsuhito Ishii, Hajime Ishimine and Shunichiro Miki’s offbeat Funky Forest: The First Contact is now available on Blu-ray.

Discover the indie horror comedy that made ‘mumblegore’ happen

By Anton Bitel

The Duplass brothers’ Baghead, starring Greta Gerwig in one of her first screen roles, is a charming love letter to DIY filmmaking.

Is this ’80s cult classic Japan’s answer to Mad Max?

By Anton Bitel

Crazy Thunder Road, director Sogo Ishii’s explosive anti-establishment thriller, is dedicated “to all crazy bikers”.

Discover the trippy, transgressive pleasures of Mario Bava’s swansong

By Anton Bitel

The Italian genre maestro’s final film, 1977’s Shock, is a haunted house horror quite unlike any other.

Discover this ’80s cult classic that has to be seen to be believed

By Anton Bitel

Renee Harmon is the eponymous Lady Street Fighter in one of the most outrageous exploitation movies ever made.

How Nobuhiko Obayashi’s Anti-War Trilogy bridges generational trauma

By Alicia Haddick

The late Japanese director explores the twin national disasters of 3.11 and World War Two in an epic series of films.

Discover this goofy intergalactic comedy about star-crossed lovers

By Anton Bitel

Richard Benjamin’s hokey My Stepmother is an Alien is an effects-heavy time capsule of ’80s excess.

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