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Discover this gross-out ’90s high school movie by way of Jurassic Park

By Anton Bitel

Starring Denise Richards and an animatronic dino, Tammy and the T-Rex is one of the decade’s campiest curios.

Discover this newly restored Hitchcock aping cult horror

By Anton Bitel

With its surreal premise and zoological themes, Richard Franklin’s Link remains a most curious creature.

Why Millennium Actress remains one of cinema’s greatest love letters

By Kambole Campbell

Media, memory and film history collide in Satoshi Kon’s time-bending story of a faded screen star.

Discover the devilish pleasures of this Roger Corman chiller

By Anton Bitel

The cult director’s 1964 Edgar Allan Poe adaptation The Masque of the Red Death sees Vincent Price sell his soul.

Discover the military thriller that put Park Chan-wook on the mapf

By Anton Bitel

2000’s JSA – Joint Security Area was one of the first significant films of the so-called Korean Wave.

The 20 best home entertainment releases of 2020

By David Jenkins

Our round-up of the year’s finest physical releases, some of which helped us through the dark times of lockdown.

Discover this early Samuel Fuller noir set in Tokyo’s criminal underworld

By Anton Bitel

House of Bamboo, one of the first American features to be shot in Japan, is as hard-boiled as they come.

Polytechnique remains a harrowing portrayal of violent misogyny

By Anton Bitel

Denis Villeneuve’s third feature, which respectfully dramatises a real-life school shooting, remains tragically relevant.

The action-horror hybrid that took Asia Extreme to a whole new level

By James Balmont

Ryûhei Kitamura’s frenetic, crazily-ambitious cult favourite is low-brow filmmaking at its mind-boggling best.

Why now is the perfect time to watch Goodbye, Dragon Inn

By James Balmont

Tsai Ming-liang’s 2003 film, newly released on Blu-ray, is a poignant and powerful love letter to the cinema.

How Mothra introduced a new breed of kaiju creature feature

By Anton Bitel

Godzilla creator Ishiro Honda’s globe-trotting adventure is a strangely sweet family adventure.

Unwrap the yuletide thrills of this controversial Santa slasher

By Anton Bitel

The original theatrical cut of Charles E Sellier Jr’s Silent Night, Deadly Night is now available on Blu-ray.

Discover this retro-styled psychological horror from Shinya Tsukamoto

By Anton Bitel

The Tetsuo director is at his hyper-stylised, idiosyncratic best in this unnerving period tale.

Discover this gentle Japanese drama about an eccentric family

By Anton Bitel

The Taste of Tea marks an intriguing departure from director Katsuhito Ishii’s earlier Tarantino-esque capers.

Discover this anarchic ’90s portrait of youthful despair

By Anton Bitel

Director Fruit Chan’s 1997 indie Made in Hong Kong captures a group of characters – and a city – in transition.

Discover this era-spanning yakuza epic and its contemporary remake

By Anton Bitel

Kinji Fukasaku’s Graveyard of Honor and Takashi Miike’s 2002 update redefined the postwar Japanese gangster flick.

How The Man Who Laughs redefined early horror cinema

By Anton Bitel

Paul Leni’s 1928 chiller, starring Conrad Veidt as a grinning carnival performer, is one of the most important films of the late silent era.

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