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What to watch at home in February

By Anton Bitel

Killer sloths and a Kubrick classic are among the best new releases hitting physical media and digital this month.

What to watch at home in January

By Anton Bitel

Pagan rituals, a Michael Powell classic and killer alligators are on the agenda in the first of 2024's home ents guides.

What to watch at home in December

By Anton Bitel

Samurai, demon dolls, an actor-murderer and RoboCop are some of the gems to catch up on while you're relaxing this holiday season.

What to watch at home in November

By Anton Bitel

A Jarmusch classic, a meta action thriller and a coming-of-age typhoon drama are among the must-see films coming to streaming and blu-ray this month.

What to watch at home in October

By Anton Bitel

Cannibals, ghosts, demons and housewives are on the schedule for this special spooky season round-up of all the latest in Blu-Ray and DVD releases.

What to watch at home in September

By Anton Bitel

Ken Russell, Peter Bogdanovich and Nicolas Cage's first starring role are among this month's bevvy of exciting home ents releases.

What to watch at home in August

By Anton Bitel

Buster Keaton, time travel and an unlikely romance are among the gems to take home on Blu-ray and DVD this month.

What to watch at home in July

By Anton Bitel

Two Altman gems, a killer shark and an assassin-for-hire are among the best films hitting streaming and physical media this month.

What to watch at home in June

By Anton Bitel

From Robert Eggers' warring wickies to a duel in Edo era Japan, we bring you six unmissable treats from the world of physical media and streaming.

High school is hell in Isao Yukisada’s Go

By Anton Bitel

A teenage misfit is challenged by a new school and local bullies in this cult classic Japanese coming-of-age film.

The swashbuckling thrills of Brotherhood of the Wolf

By Anton Bitel

Christophe Gans' fantasy-action-horror – loosely based on a true story – boasts a starry cast and some highly memorable set pieces.

Discover the Japanese locomotive thriller that inspired Speed

By Anton Bitel

Junya Sato's classic action-crime film depicts a group of disenfranchised men who attempt to pull of an audacious crime involving a speeding train.

A troubled filmmaker goes through hell in Iván Zulueta’s Arrebato

By Anton Bitel

This 1979 Spanish arthouse film, being rereleased by Radiance, is a fascinating, tricky cult horror.

Gakuryu Ishii’s Punk Samurai is an anarchic take on an ‘unfilmable’ manga

By Anton Bitel

A ronin with lofty ambitions tells a white lie that quickly spirals out of control in this riotous samurai flick.

The perverse suburban joys of Welcome to the Dollhouse

By Anton Bitel

Todd Solondz's dark coming-of-ager sees an magnificent Heather Matarazzo play the ultimate awkward preteen in Dawn Wiener.

The frenetic charm of Miami Blues

By Anton Bitel

George Armitage's 1990 neo-noir starring Alec Baldwin and Jennifer Jason Leigh is a chaotic game of cat and mouse.

How Rob Zombie put his own spin on a television classic

By Anton Bitel

The horror director turns his attention to comedy and romance with his prequel version of The Munsters.

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