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Discover the film that helped kickstart the found footage phenomenon

By Anton Bitel

Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler’s 1998 horror mockumentary The Last Broadcast predates The Blair Witch Project.

Discover this cult Euro crime thriller from Umberto Lenzi

By Anton Bitel

The maverick Italian director’s 1976 film Free Hand for a Tough Cop is now available in the UK for the first time.

Discover Francis Ford Coppola’s Psycho-inspired directorial debut

By Anton Bitel

The Roger Corman-produced Dementia 13 is much more than a quickie Hitchcock ripoff, as this Director’s Cut proves.

Love and misery in Mike Leigh’s All or Nothing

By Anton Bitel

The director’s 2002 drama about life on a London housing estate is a film of bleak moments and occasional hope.

Why Dario Argento’s Deep Red remains a trashy masterpiece

By Anton Bitel

The Italian director’s 1975 giallo classic is being re-released in a newly restored, longer edit with additional scenes.

Discover the fear and disillusionment of this cabin fever horror

By Anton Bitel

Toshiaki Toyoda’s Monsters Club sees a Unabomber-like character wage a private war from a remote cabin in the woods.

Discover the monstrous spectacle of this meta exploitation movie

By Anton Bitel

Marco Ferreri’s controversial The Ape Woman is a deeply cynical portrayal of masculinity bestialised and femininity reified.

Why Johnny Guitar remains a superior subversive western

By Anton Bitel

With its progressive gender politics and liberal undertow, Nicholas Ray’s 1954 film was way ahead of its time.

How Penelope Spheeris captured the wild side of American youth culture

By Anton Bitel

In 1983’s Suburbia and 1985’s The Boys Next Door, the Reagan era is a place of lay-offs, layabouts and general decay.

The grisly, greasy-spoon horror of Robert Hartford-Davis

By Adam Scovell

Inspired by real-life killings, 1968’s Corruption is one of the first – and most effective – British horror films of its kind.

Discover this surreal Japanese erotic horror about artistic obsession

By Anton Bitel

Yasuzô Masumura’s macabre masterpiece Blind Beast paints an unnerving portrait of an artist and his muse.

Discover the eco-horror of this eerily prescient creature feature

By Anton Bitel

John Frankenheimer’s Prophecy sees Mother Nature exact revenge against a researcher couple in rural Maine.

Discover this cutting-edge, Gothic-inspired ’80s slasher

By Anton Bitel

Starring Linda Blair as a textbook final girl, Tom DeSimone’s 1981 Hell Night offers an effective blend of horrors old and new.

In praise of Lucio Fulci’s violent, vengeful Spaghetti westerns

By Adam Scovell

The Italian horror maestro’s handful of entries in the genre showcase his penchant for bloody retribution.

Is True Romance the ultimate male movie fantasy?

By Anton Bitel

With its movie nerd hero, doting blonde heroine and shocking violence, this early ’90s cult classic is peak Tarantino.

Discover this postmodern, manga-inspired meditation on authorship

By Anton Bitel

Tezuka’s Barbara is a meta ode to the director’s late father, the ‘godfather’ of the Japanese graphic novel.

How Basic Instinct turned the erotic thriller on its head

By Anton Bitel

Paul Verhoeven’s subversive 1992 film is a Hitchcockian thriller with the kink brought to the surface.

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