The Book of Solutions – first-look review

By Mark Asch

A filmmaker in crisis finds inspiration in the mountains in Michel Gondry's first film in eight years.

Four Daughters – first-look review

By Rafa Sales Ross

The latest documentary from Tunisian director Kaouther Ben Hania centers a quartet of young women whose lived are changed forever when two of them join ISIS.

Along Came Love – first-look review

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

Sprawling and poetic French period drama powered by an understated chemistry between Anaïs Demoustier and Vincent Lacoste.

Killers of the Flower Moon – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Martin Scorsese’s wistful remembrance of tragedies that befell the Osage nation is a film of high seriousness and low spectacle.

The Zone of Interest – first-look review

By Hannah Strong

Jonathan Glazer returns with his first film in nine years – an austere, chilling depiction of a German family maintaining normalcy in close proximity to the Holocaust.

Pictures of Ghosts – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Brazil’s Kleber Mendonça Filho returns with this extremely charming personal survey of the grand picture palaces of Recife.

About Dry Grasses – first-look review

By David Jenkins

More verbose magnificence from Turkey’s Nuri Bilge Ceylan, who makes three-and-half hours whiz by with this comic portrait of an untreatable misanthrope.

The New Boy – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Warwick Thornton’s spiritually-inclined Outback drama sees a nameless aboriginal boy face off against Cate Blanchett’s anxiety-prone nun.

Lost in the Night – first-look review

By David Jenkins

Mexican provocateur Amat Escalante makes a half-cocked bid for mainstream respectability in this intriguing tale of a young man’s torrid search for his missing mother.

Youth – first-look review

By Caitlin Quinlan

The Chinese master of slow cinema covers life in some of the country's 18,000 garment factories in this sprawling but focused documentary.

The Animal Kingdom – first-look review

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

Thomas Cailley presents a highly original sci-fi film that serves as an empathetic parable for real life intolerance of physical and neurological otherness.

How to Have Sex – first-look review

By Hannah Strong

A group of teenage girls embark on a wild post-exam holiday in Molly Manning Walker's evocative feature debut.

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny – first-look review

By David Jenkins

It’s an improvement on the execrable Crystal Skull, but James Mangold’s exhumation of the Spielberg adventure serial is both tame and unnecessary.

The Delinquents – first-look review

By David Jenkins

This deadpan philosophical crime caper from Argentina's Rodrigo Moreno is a meandering and hilarious delight from end to end.

The Sweet East – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Talia Ryder stars as a high school student who becomes embroiled in various precarious situations on the east coast of America in Sean Price Williams' feature debut.

Monster – first-look review

By Charles Bramesco

Hirokazu Kore-eda’s latest, scored by the late Ryuichi Sakamoto, is a dense, shape-shifting drama that grows more scattered as it progresses.

Occupied City – first-look review

By Sophie Monks Kaufman

Steve McQueen's documentary contrasting present-day Amsterdam with its past occupation by the Nazis is a testament to the changing face of history.

The Director’s Fortnight and Critic’s Week sidebars bolster a packed Cannes

By Charles Bramesco

Films from Michel Gondry, Manoel de Oliveira, and a slew of newcomers will play alongside the Official Selection announced last week.

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