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Why are so many British feature debuts about childhood trauma?

By Billie Walker

An excellent crop of debut films in the past couple of years all explore painful childhoods. What does this say about the interests of the British film industry?

The troubling rise of cinematic therapyspeak

By Billie Walker

From gaslighting to trauma, more and more therapy buzzwords are finding their way on screen – but who does it actually help?

Electric Malady

By Billie Walker

Marie Liden offers an insight into one man's experience with debilitating electrosensitivity in her moving feature debut.


The faux feminism of the hagsploitation boom

By Billie Walker

This year's biggest horror titles have frustratingly pointed to women's ageing bodies as a source of ridicule and fear.

Why is a billionaire in a bat costume considered more prestigious than an immortal bloodsucker?

By Billie Walker

Robert Pattinson’s breakout role in the Twilight franchise has more in common with Bruce Wayne than DC diehards may think.

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