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How fanfiction took over the film world

By Rehana Nurmahi

With the lead character of The Idea of You bearing a striking resemblance to Harry Styles, we take a look at the relatively recent history of Wattpad and fanfiction-based films taking over the box office.

A victimless genocide: the politics of omission in The Zone of Interest and Oppenheimer

By Maia Wyman

While Jonathan Glazer and Christopher Nolan's World War Two-set films have been critically lauded, their construction raises questions about how we digest images of systematic murder.

Taking Up Space: cinematic adventures in male-dominated sports

By Nora Murphy

Emma Seligman's Bottoms promises a queer female fight club – how does it perform in the canon of films about women carving out space for themselves in hyper-masculine worlds?

Little Women: the trials of girlhood in contemporary cinema

By Meg Walters

With more and more women taking an active role in film production, depictions of young women are changing. What can they tell us about the modern world?

Why are so many British feature debuts about childhood trauma?

By Billie Walker

An excellent crop of debut films in the past couple of years all explore painful childhoods. What does this say about the interests of the British film industry?

A first-hand account of Oppenheimer and Barbie’s censorship in Pakistan

By Adil Rahim Hyder

Social media has been fascinated by reports of a strange CGI addition in Oppenheimer for certain conservative countries – our writer reports on the reality of Barbenheimer in a country where cinema is subject to heavy government scrutiny.

The past proves that Hollywood’s unions are powerful – and that striking works

By Jessica White

As tensions mount between the WGA, SAG-AFTRA and the ATFP, it's worth looking to past examples for proof that Tinseltown's unions have changed the industry for the better.

No spoilers please! Are movies tainted by marketing?

By Katie Kasperson

This summer’s most anticipated releases have taken wildly different – and arguably drastic – approaches to promotion. So which do fans prefer?

The troubling rise of cinematic therapyspeak

By Billie Walker

From gaslighting to trauma, more and more therapy buzzwords are finding their way on screen – but who does it actually help?

That inking feeling: Evil Dead Rise and the horror of tattoos

By Sean McGeady

In horror films, tattoo scenes can represent familial trauma and gendered violence. The new Evil Dead gets under the skin with both.

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