Mubi x LWLies Present: Curly Sue

Join us for a discussion on cinematic swansongs and a screening of John Hughes’ final film.

Little White Lies

We’ve teamed yup with MUBI to bring you a series of screenings and panel discussions, held at the Little White Lies screening room. Each event will coincide with the special release of a film on MUBI for 30 days.

In LWLies 63 we put a special focus on swansong movies – 50 works from a range of directors of differing styles, eras and locales. For this event, we’re pairing up – possibly for the first time ever? – John Hughes 1991 feature, Curly Sue, and FW Murnau’s silent classic, Tabu, from 1931.

Curly Sue is the final film from “Brat Pack” godhead, John Hughes, who gave us such teen angst classics as The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’ Day Off. It stars Jim Belushi as a transient, yomping from city to city in the company of his incorrigible adopted daughter, played by Alisan Porter. We’re screening this strange parting shot which will be followed by a discussion on what makes a great final film.

Apply for free tickets to our screening here.

John Hughes’ Curly Sue (1991)
Screening + Panel Discussion
7pm, Wednesday 27 January
71a Gallery, 71a Leonard Street, London
For one night only

FW Murnau’s Tabu (1931)
A story from the South Seas
Screens on MUBI from 27 January
For 30 days only

Published 15 Jan 2016

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