You can now stream the ‘Black & Chrome’ cut of Mad Max: Fury Road

George Miller’s berserko road movie is available in all its monochrome majesty.


Adam Woodward


What a lovely day. A black-and-white cut of Mad Max: Fury Road has been mooted by George Miller ever since the film’s release last year, when he expressed his desire to release a decolourised version. Turns out Miller is a man of his word, because the ‘Black & Chrome’ edition, which he recently described as “the best version” of the movie, is now available to stream via Amazon.

Speaking to Indiewire back in September, the visionary Australian writer/director revealed that he’s wanted to put out a monochrome Mad Max as far back as 1981’s Road Warrior, the second film in the franchise, stating: “[There’s] something about black-and-white, the way it distills it, makes it a little bit more abstract. Something about losing some of the information of colour make it somehow more iconic.” Judging by the gorgeous trailer embedded below, we’re inclined to agree.

Published 26 Oct 2016

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