Artificial Intelligence in the movies: What makes us human?

It’s a question that has long fascinated scientists and philosophers alike: What makes us human? In anticipation of Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2049, Luís Azevedo (aka Beyond the Frame) takes a deep dive into the history of Artificial Intelligence in the movies in search of an answer to this pertinent existential conundrum.

In this brand new video essay made exclusively for LWLies, Azevedo examines how some of the world’s greatest science fiction filmmakers – from Ridley Scott to James Cameron to Steven Spielberg – have helped to further our understanding of the complex relationship between humans and machines. Give the video a watch and share your thoughts with us @LWLies

Published 26 Sep 2017

Tags: Blade Runner Denis Villeneuve Harrison Ford Ridley Scott Ryan Gosling

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