A Star is Born is returning to cinemas with 12 minutes of new footage

Maybe it’s time to let the old edit die.


Charles Bramesco


Tell me something, boy: aren’t you tired trying in vain to go see A Star is Born in theaters? Fans heartbroken that the musical melodrama has largely left multiplexes are in for a surprise – the good kind, not the husband-in-the-garage kind.

Variety notes that Warner Brothers will re-release Bradley Cooper’s directorial debut for another bricks-and-mortar run, and as that an added bonus, this new version will include a whopping twelve minutes of never-before-seen footage.

The so-called “encore engagement” mostly bulks up the musical performances, perhaps in response to the frothy-mouthed reception for Cooper and costar Lady Gaga’s big number at this past weekend’s Oscars. The new edit will expand opening number ‘Black Eyes’, ‘Alibi’, and Ally’s a cappella rendition of ‘Shallow’ that first lit up the parking lot.

Other new bits specified by Variety’s report: Cooper’s Jackson Maine tinkering with ‘Too Far Gone’ in his studio, a wedding scene featuring Ally singing ‘Is That Alright?’ to her newly official husband, and the two of them co-penning the song ‘Clover’.

With the film’s leads enjoying a spike in national obsession following their big Best Original Song win for ‘Shallow’ at the Academy Awards, rereleasing is a savvy move. Though the new edit will run for one brief week only, it’s sure to be a dynamo of near-pure profit for the studio (and for the rest of us, a sorely needed occasion to have a good cry).

A Star is Born returns to theaters in the US this Friday, on 1 March.

Published 27 Feb 2019

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