Stanley Kubrick

The New Bootlegs: Open Matte Films & Unofficial Scans

By Lexie Corbett

The unofficial, often open matte scans of these films preserve a tactile history of cinema in its imperfect totality.

What to watch at home in February

By Anton Bitel

Killer sloths and a Kubrick classic are among the best new releases hitting physical media and digital this month.

In praise of Isabel Sandoval

By Lillian Crawford

Though her work remains undistributed in the UK, her superb film and TV episodes show an immense and unique talent on the rise.

Who should star in the new West End production of The Shining?

By Charles Bramesco

All work and no play will make director Ivo van Hove and star Ben Stiller dull boys.

LWLies Sixties Presents… 2001: A Space Odyssey reimagined

By Adam Woodward

Our partnership with 99designs by Vistaprint continues with Jim Stoten’s psychedelic take on Kubrick’s sci-fi classic.

Eyes Wide Shut is an anti-consumerist holiday classic

By Brianna Zigler

Stanley Kubrick’s final film contains a thinly-veiled critique of the vulgar excess and materialism of Christmas.

Silent Running remains a tender riposte to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001

By Brian Quinn

Directed by SFX visionary Douglas Trumbull, this homespun space odyssey is a far more soulful affair.

On Location: The houses in Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita

By Adam Scovell

As with many of his “American” features, the director utilised various settings around London.

Know The Score: Max Richter on 2001: A Space Odyssey

By Thomas Hobbs

The British composer discusses how Stanley Kubrick’s use of classical music enhances his 1968 sci-fi epic.

The pull of Pinocchio – How an Italian fairy tale became a pop culture staple

By James Clarke

On the 80th anniversary of Disney’s animation, we look at the different ways this magical fable has been interpreted.

Eyes Wide Shut is returning to cinemas for its 20th anniversary

By Adam Woodward

The re-release of Stanley Kubrick’s final masterpiece will be accompanied by a new documentary short.

Three early Stanley Kubrick scripts have been unearthed

By Charles Bramesco

The draft screenplays, dating from the 1950s, all deal with themes of marital strife.

Full Metal Jacket and the personal horrors of war

By William Carroll

Stanley Kubrick’s thrilling study of the Vietnam War chooses individual narratives over a collective moral message.

Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange adaptation is still the best, but it wasn’t the first

By Katherine Jane Alexander

In 1965 Andy Warhol offered his own bold take on Antony Burgess’ novel.

On Location: The brutalist tower blocks of A Clockwork Orange

By Adam Scovell

Visiting the southeast London estate featured in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 film makes for a dystopian experience.


By Thomas Hobbs

This documentary provides a fascinating insight into Stanley Kubrick’s world, via his right-hand man, Leon Vitali.


Check out Stanley Kubrick’s candid photos of 1940s New York City

By Adam Woodward

A new book presents some 300 images from the filmmaker’s archives.

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