African Cinema

Isaac Nabwana: ‘We should tell our own stories in the way we want’

By Kambole Campbell

The wildly imaginative and highly resourceful filmmaker behind Uganda's ultra low budget studio Wakaliwood describes his own cinematic education, travelling to China to shoot Shaolin monks, and the next generation of African filmmakers.

Night of the Kings

By Fred Onyango

Philippe Lacôte’s multi-layered, prison-set theatrical extravaganza is a rich and original take on national myth-making.


The enduring legacy of Ousmane Sembène

By Leila Latif

A new restoration of his long out-of-print 1968 film Mandabi offers cause to celebrate the late Senegalese maverick.

A new film explores what it means to be queer in Kenya today

By Yassine Senghor

Director Peter Murimi discusses capturing the experience of a young gay man in I Am Samuel.

African Apocalypse and the painful legacy of ‘Heart of Darkness’

By Leila Latif

A new documentary gives a voice to the silenced natives in Joseph Conrad’s colonialist novel.

John Boyega partners with Netflix to bolster Africa’s film industry

By Charles Bramesco

The British-Nigerian actor wants to bring more localised stories to a global audience.

Six emerging African filmmakers you should know about

By Sarah Jilani

These rising stars are paying homage to their cinematic heritage while breaking exciting new ground.

Supa Modo is the most important superhero movie you’ll see this year

By David Opie

Not all heroes wear capes, but the pint-sized protagonists of Likarion Wainaina’s debut feature certainly do.

The curious phenomenon of Swahili film narration

By Adam Rodgers Johns

Meet the East African VJs whose unusual craft represents an art form in its own right.

Martin Scorsese pledges to preserve classic African cinema

By John Wadsworth

The director is launching a vital new initiative called The African Film Heritage Project.

Why the question of identity is still a common concern among African filmmakers

By Tasso Dattenberg-Doyle

This year’s Film Africa event showed that African people are still not free to define their own identity abroad.

A new film exposes the mistreatment of Uganda’s LGBT community

By Matthew Anderson

The Pearl of Africa highlights the everyday struggle of transgender people – and offers a beacon of hope.

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