Hearing Wes Anderson – A Lesson in Sound Design

How the director uses sound to immerse the audience in his unique cinematic world.


Luís Azevedo

Few filmmakers working today have a signature style as instantly recognisable as Wes Anderson’s. From his symmetrical framing and use of the one-point perspective to his pastel colour palette and his use of Futura, he’s cultivated a visual language all of his own over the course of his career.

But one artistic process that tends to receive less attention in relation to Anderon’s meticulous craftsmanship is sound design. What exactly does a Wes Anderson film sound like? And, beyond his trademark musical cues, how does the aural texture of his storytelling help to immerse the viewer?

To find out, we asked video essayist Luís Azevedo to revisit Anderson’s filmography with a view to creating an evocative montage of some of the sounds that fill his cinematic worlds.

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Published 1 May 2019

Tags: Wes Anderson

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