The Curzon Mayfair cinema is under threat – and you can save it

This iconic two-screen cinema in the heart of London needs your support.


Little White Lies

Let’s all just agree to stop laying waste to London’s independent cinema circuit, shall we? The apparently rampant charge to transform the city into a playground for the superrich continues apace, with the Grade II listed Curzon Mayfair now in the firing line. It’s not overstating to say that the Mayfair is a cultural oasis in an area that’s cluttered with boutique hotels, high-end restaurants and antique gun shops, and it needs to remain in business.

A steep soundproofing bill handed over by property developers can be read as stealthy marching orders for the iconic cinema, and you can show your support by signing this petition. Aside from the fact that the Mayfair’s screen one is one of the finest auditorium in London, with perfect sight-lines and 35mm capability still in tact, it’s not like they’re screening ear-bothering blockbusters at particularly unsociable hours. So do your bit before it’s too late.

Help save the Curzon Mayfair now by signing this petition.

Published 16 Sep 2016

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