Logan gets a lung-bustingly violent new trailer


Adam Woodward


Having previously been treated to an effectively sombre, Johnny Cash-scored first trailer, the makers of Logan have upped the ante with a suitably violent glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s last ever screen outing as the iconic character that made him famous.

James Mangold’s film, set in the near future, sees the eponymous antihero caring for an infirm Professor X (Patrick Stewart) somewhere near the Mexican border. It’s a tender set up, with Logan also taking a mercurial youngster under his adamantium-tipped wing. Then everything goes to hell as some misc mutant hunters rock up with a whole load of guns and not much of a plan.

Considering how indisputably awesome Jackman’s Logan is, it really is a crying shame that he hasn’t appeared in more great movies since he ripped his way into our hearts way back in 2000. At least he looks set to bow in style – in a mad, moody frenzy of breathless action.

Logan is released 1 March.

Published 19 Jan 2017

Tags: Hugh Jackman Wolverine X-Men

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