Watch the gorgeous restoration trailer for La Strada

Italian maestro Federico Fellini is known best for his mid-century phantasmagorical satires of the phoney, self-obsessed counter-culture set, films such as 1960’s La Dolce Vita and 1963’s 8 1/2.

Earlier in his career he made smaller, more delicate dramas, but one thing remained the a constant: that life is essentially a circus, and death is the final curtain call.

1954’s La Strada stars the director’s diminutive wife and muse, Giulietta Masina, as a young woman who joins a strongman street entertainer on the road and soon discovers her calling as a clown.

The film plays off Masina’s wide-eyed innocence with the strongman’s brutish strength and short temper, while the audience wait nervously in the aisles for tragedy to strike.

La Strada has been restored and is set for a cinema re-release, so to get you in the mood, here’s an exclusive look at the smart new trailer and poster for the film.

La Strada is released theatrically in the UK on 19 May, and is available on DVD/Blu-Ray and via digital download from 5 June.

Published 24 Apr 2017

Tags: Federico Fellini Italian cinema

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