Watch the first trailer for British boxing drama Jawbone

Given British boxing’s current dominance, there’s never been a better time to be putting pugilism back on the big screen. The upcoming Jawbone marks the screenwriting debut of London to Brighton and This is England ’86-’90 star Johnny Harris, who also stars in the lead role. His Jimmy McCabe is your typical boxing protagonist: a down-and-out former champ who’s given another shot at the big time courtesy of an infamous local gym owner and a seasoned trainer.

Ray Winstone and Michael Smiley co-star alongside Ian McShane as Jimmy’s opportunistic promoter in what’s being billed as a battle between fear and faith. We’re not entirely sure about that, but we do know that it’s been a while since we’ve seen a half-decent British boxing movie – and this one looks in good shape judging by this first-look trailer.

Jawbone also boasts an original soundtrack by none other than Paul Weller, which if nothing else gives it an edge over all other recent entries into the genre. Check out the teaser above and share your thoughts with us @LWLies

Jawbone is released in the UK on 17 March.

Published 30 Jan 2017

Tags: Ian McShane Johnny Harris Michael Smiley Ray Winstone

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