Election Day Special: Little White Lies enters the House of Cards

Want to see this election cycle’s coolest deck of playing cards?

Little White Lies

This year’s stranger-than-fiction US Presidential campaign is finally drawing to a close. If the messy path to election day 2016 hasn’t been scary enough for you, then let us suggest House of Cards.

As a tribute to the hit series about the extremes of power, corruption and lies in the White House, Little White Lies has created a special limited edition deck of playing cards for Sony Home Entertainment.

Forty-one Little White Lies artists, each in their own unique style, chronicle scenes and themes from the rise of Francis “Frank” Underwood, played with reptilian menace by Kevin Spacey, as he slithers his way up the corridors of power.

House of Cards’ seasons 1-4 are now available on DVD and Blu-Ray to voters everywhere. To get a pack of cards, we’re afraid you have to be a friend of Frank or enter the competition on Twitter with @SonyPicsAtHome. For now, here’s a visual taster…

Artwork by Eric Chow


Artwork by Natalie Candlish


Artwork by Anthony Hon


Artwork by Mihai Tigleanu


Artwork by Eduardo Fuentes


Artwork by Marcello Crescenzi


Artwork by Yiorgos Yiacos


Artwork by Brett Wright


Artwork by Daniel Prothero
Artwork by Nicole Marie Rincon


Artwork by Grant Lynas


Artwork by Sy Graham


Artwork by David Mahoney


House of Cards seasons 1 – 4 are available on Blu-ray 

With thanks to all contributors: Alice Carnegie, Anthony Hon, Barbara Ana Gomez, Ben Armson, Bobby Redmond, Brett Wright, Daniel Prothero, David Mahoney, Eduardo Fuentes, Emma Layland, Eric Chow, Esme Betamax, Geo Law, Grant Lynas, Greg Carter, Jack Bedford, Jake Rowles, Jenn Lambert, Jo Breese, Joe Jefford, Joe Parker, Jon Dunleavy, Josh Filhol, Joshua Kelly, Lisamaria Laxholm, Clay Disarray, Marc Wilson, Marcello Crescenzi, Markus Jungen, Melissa Sinclair, Mihai Tigleanu, Milan Topologic, Natalie Candlish, Nathaniel Hall, Nicole Marie Rincon, Paul Fitzgerald, Rachel Tyler, Steve Dziedziak, Sy Graham, Will Haywood, Yiorgos Yiacos

Published 8 Nov 2016

Tags: House of Cards Kevin Spacey Netflix Robin Wright

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