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David Squires on… The Queen’s Gambit: Hungry Hungry Hippos edition

By Little White Lies

A popular tabletop game that requires considerable guile and skill – and we’re not talking about chess...

The films of Orson Welles – ranked

By Little White Lies

From Citizen Kane to The Other Side of the Wind, we survey the directorial canon of a cinematic titan.

Could you design an El Camino bumper sticker?

By Little White Lies

To celebrate the film’s home ents release, we’re setting a Breaking Bad-inspired creative brief.

Why now is the perfect time to watch Goodbye, Dragon Inn

By James Balmont

Tsai Ming-liang’s 2003 film, newly released on Blu-ray, is a poignant and powerful love letter to the cinema.

Channing Tatum reunites with Lord & Miller for a monster movie send-up

By Charles Bramesco

It’s alive! (‘It’ being a parody of Universal’s classic horror pictures, courtesy of the Jump Street directors.)

Looking into the heart of Miller’s Crossing

By David Jenkins

The Coen brothers’ classic gangland neo-noir remains one of their most potent and illusive works.

Trauma and catharsis in Gregg Araki’s Mysterious Skin

By Logan Kenny

The film shows the everyday agonies of existing as queer and dealing with trauma in an apathetic world.

Spike Lee is planning to direct a Viagra origin story musical

By Charles Bramesco

The songwriting team behind Passing Strange is also on board for the director’s take on Pfizer’s wonder drug.

Vanessa Kirby grieves in the Pieces of a Woman trailer

By Charles Bramesco

She shares top billing with Shia LaBeouf in this emotive drama about a couple who lose their infant child.

How GoldenEye reinvigorated the James Bond franchise

By Mark Allison

With a new 007 and more progressive sexual politics, this film brought the series up to speed with the modern world.

Lynne Ramsay sets her sights on a Stephen King adaptation

By Charles Bramesco

She’s set to bring the survival-horror ‘The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon’ to the screen.

Silent Running remains a tender riposte to Stanley Kubrick’s 2001

By Brian Quinn

Directed by SFX visionary Douglas Trumbull, this homespun space odyssey is a far more soulful affair.

How Mothra introduced a new breed of kaiju creature feature

By Anton Bitel

Godzilla creator Ishiro Honda’s globe-trotting adventure is a strangely sweet family adventure.

Meryl Streep and Lucas Hedges set sail in the Let Them All Talk trailer

By Charles Bramesco

Steven Soderbergh’s latest also includes Gemma Chan, Candice Bergen and Dianne Wiest.

The Technicolor couple who changed the look of cinema

By Kristina Murkett

During the 1930s and ’40s, Herbert and Natalie Kalmus revolutionised the art and business of Hollywood filmmaking.

On Location: Scenes from The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

By Adam Scovell

A walking tour of the French port town evokes a sense of wonder befitting Jacques Demy’s romantic musical.

David Squires on… The impracticalities of being The Invisible Man

By Adam Woodward

Life advice for all the translucent douchebag exes out there, courtesy of our resident cartoonist.

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