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Why the swimming pool is the real star of A Bigger Splash

By Nick Chen

A shallow body of water harbours deep emotions in Luca Guadagnino’s scintillating Sicilian drama.

Discover the psychological horrors of this microbudget slasher

By Anton Bitel

Derek Mungor’s perspective-flipping horror, You Are Not Alone, is available on Blu-ray and DVD this month.

Cinematic Swan Songs: S-Z

By Little White Lies

From John Schlesinger to Edward Yang, here’s the concluding part of our guide to the best last movies ever.

Cinematic Swan Songs: M-R

By Little White Lies

From Joseph L Mankiewicz to Eric Rohmer, check out the penultimate batch from our rundown of memorable last movies.

Bryan Cranston: ‘We have a warped sense of politics in America’

By Adam Woodward

The Trumbo star cuts loose about why the case of the Hollywood Ten should be viewed as a cautionary tale.

‘People’s lives were taken away from them’: The reality of life on the Blacklist

By Tom Bond

Actress and director Lee Grant reflects on living through the darkest period in Hollywood’s history.

Cinematic Swan Songs: G-L

By Little White Lies

From Yilmaz Güney to John Huston, read part two of our essential guide to the last films by famous directors.

Cinematic Swan Songs: A-F

By Little White Lies

An alphabetic index of the most marvellous and memorable final movies from famous directors.

Why supporting your local film festival matters

By Jessica Kiang

They may not be able to promise glitz and glamour, but small independent film festivals are now more vital than ever.

Miles Ahead get a groovy first trailer

By Luke Channell

Jazz legend Miles Davis gets the biopic treatment courtesy of actor-director Don Cheadle.

How to rob a bank (according to the movies)

By Adam Lee Davies

Ever fantasised about pulling off the perfect heist? Here’s everything cinema has taught us about the art of the steal.

Could Leonardo DiCaprio be about to revive the YA genre?

By Luke Channell

The actor and producer is set to adapt an eco-themed young adult novel set in a post-apocalyptic 2049.

How come children’s horror movies aren’t scary any more?

By Nick Chen

Overly sanitised film like Goosebumps are depriving younger viewers of formative moviegoing experiences.

Best worst superhero ever or so 2010? The Deadpool Debate

By Little White Lies

Two avid comic book readers make the case for and against the latest addition to Marvel’s crowded roster.

Is Nicolas Winding Refn about to go mainstream on us?

By Luke Channell

The Danish director is teaming up with a pair of 007 writers for an action thriller with huge commercial potential.

In defence of Robert De Niro

By Matt Thrift

Dirty Grandpa may be an indefensible dud, but the actor’s recent output is nowhere near as bad as everyone seems to think.

The best movie shark scenes: from Jaws to Team America

By Little White Lies

Inspired by Huck’s latest short film, here are our all-time favourite moments where a shark chews more than the scenery.

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