Tupac Shakur

Last Man Standing

By Thomas Hobbs

Nick Broomfield rakes over the coals of the Biggie vs 2Pac saga but doesn’t find anything particularly new.


Beats, Rhymes and Cinema: Menace II Society

By Thomas Hobbs

Screenwriter Tyger Williams reflects on the legacy of the Hughes Brothers’ controversial crime saga, which turns 25 this year.

Beats, Rhymes and Cinema: CB4

By Thomas Hobbs

How a low-budget Chris Rock comedy exposed the absurdity of gangsta rap.

Beats, Rhymes and Cinema: Juice

By Thomas Hobbs

With its thrilling performances and damning anti-gun message, Ernest Dickerson’s portrait of America continues to touch a nerve.

All Eyez on Me

By Thomas Hobbs

This lamentable tribute to Tupac Shakur is an exercise in how not to make a music biopic.


Tupac biopic All Eyez on Me gets a thrilling trailer

By Eve Watling

Actor Demetrius Shipp Jr is the spitting image of the late rap icon.

How Gridlock’d exposed America’s broken healthcare system

By Thomas Hobbs

This Tupac and Tim Roth starring social drama feels more relevant today than ever.

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