George A Romero

Sufjan Stevens and Angelo De Augustine on their movie inspirations

By Al Horner

The pair’s new concept album ‘A Beginner’s Mind’ takes its cues from an eclectic list of films, from Mad Max to The Silence of the Lambs.

The Amusement Park

By Anton Bitel

George A Romero’s long-lost public service announcement captures the inherent horrors of old age.


George A Romero’s unfinished final work is back on track

By Charles Bramesco

His posthumous swan song Twilight of the Dead may soon enter production.

An unreleased George A Romero film addresses the effects of ageism

By Andrew Northrop

Newly restored PSA The Amusement Park is a fascinating precursor to his later genre work.

The insane story of Zombi 2’s notorious shark fight scene

By James McMahon

How fearless stuntwork and a load of tranquillisers created one of the craziest moments in horror history.

Night of the Living Dead Live! raises Romero’s horror classic on stage

By Adam Woodward

The seminal 1968 film has been resurrected with a comedic twist.

Discover the animalistic terror of George A Romero’s first studio movie

By Anton Bitel

The genre maestro’s 1998 Monkey Shines was dubbed ‘An Experiment In Fear’ – and with good reason.

Dawn of the Dead had an alternate ending that’s even bleaker than the original

By Justine Smith

George A Romero originally had a different fate in store for the protagonists of his zombie classic.

Why George A Romero’s Night of the Living Dead still gets under our skin

By Adam Scovell

Released 50 years ago, the director’s lo-fi debut is filled with potent imagery and political resonance.

Every Stephen King film adaptation – ranked

By Little White Lies

Our guide to every film version of the great American author’s work, ranked from worst to best.

How George A Romero helped me to overcome an eating disorder

By Oliver Zarandi

Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead are films of hunger and the frustration of bodies.

Tales From the Darkside: An interview with George A Romero

By Matt Thrift

The horror maestro reflects on his unique and remarkable career in this previously unpublished interview.

George A Romero is making a film about zombie car racing

By William Carroll

The cinematic king of the undead is putting his creations behind the wheel for his next project.

A new series tells the story of the greatest horror movies never made

By John Wadsworth

Doomed projects like David Cronenberg’s Frankenstein are discussed in Untold Horror.

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