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LWLies Sixties Presents… Bonnie and Clyde reimagined

Our partnership with 99designs by Vistaprint continues with Camila Flamenco’s take on Arthur Penn’s classic crime-drama.

LWLies Sixties is part of #99DaysOfDesign, from 99designs by Vistaprint. Check out all the posters in the series and discover more at 99designs.com

The word ‘iconic’ can sometimes feel overused in the context of appraising popular cinema – but how else do you describe the defining film of the New Hollywood era, in which the most romanticised criminal couple in American history is played by two of its most cherished screen stars?

For the fourth poster in our partnership with 99 Days of Design, a celebration of the power of design from 99designs by Vistaprint, Argentinian illustrator Camila Flamenco has put her unique stamp on Arthur Penn’s 1967 biopic, telling the story of the eponymous outlaws as immortalized by Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty.

“Being that the movie title is the name of the main characters, I felt that the poster should show the couple in action,” Camila explains of her creative process. “One idea that came to me early on was to show them running away from their prosecutors with money sacks, maybe with their iconic car… but the one that looked most interesting was them standing back-to-back holding their guns, ready to jump into action.

“It was important to convey mischief and fun in their looks,” she adds. “Something else worth mentioning is that the final piece has some resemblance to the ‘WANTED’ signs from the era that Bonnie and Clyde were around in. I also love the bubbliness of ’60s design and how colours are used to give life to things. I take a lot of inspiration from that, and I like being able to try new combinations and apply textures and gradients.”

Check out all six LWLies Sixties posters and discover more about 99designs by Vistaprint at 99designs.com

Published 23 Jun 2021

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